Assembly Instructions
Tools Required: Bolt Pack:
a. 9/16" wrench
b. 7/16" wrench
c. 3/4" open end wrench
d. hammer
e. pliers
f. grease gun
g. wood block
16 ea. 3/8 x 1-1/4 inch hex bolts
12 ea. 3/8 x 1 inch hex bolts
28 ea. 3/8 inch flat washers
28 ea. 3/8 inch lock washers
24 ea. 3/8 inch hex nuts
4 ea. 5/16 x 1 inch hex bolts
4 ea. 5/16 inch hex nuts
4 ea. 5/16 inch lock nuts
8 ea. 1/2 inch stud nuts
2 ea. 1 inch flat washers
2 ea. 1/4 x 1-112 cotter pins
1. Determine the front from the rear of main chassis. The front is the end which has the angle iron side rails extending beyond the boards and has four holes close together. Set the entire main chassis upon supports, such as 5 gallon buckets, until wheels are installed.
2. Mount axle assembly (figure 1) using the second set of holes from the rear of unit. Insert 3/8 x 1-1/4 bolts, nuts, washers, and lock washers, then tighten. Mount belt stabilizer bracket using (drivers side) rear axle bolt.
3. Install hub onto axle (figures 1,2) pulley end first. Secure with a 1 inch washer and a 1/4 x 1-1/2 inch cotter pin. The 6 inch pulley hub assembly goes on driver side (left side) and 10 inch pulley assembly goes on passenger side (right).
4. Install the drag chain drive transmission (see figure 2). Slide square drive stub on lower rear corner of transmission over drag chain drive shaft, align two slotted holes on bottom of transmission with the rear two holes on the driver side (left side if standing at the rear of spreader). Insert 3/8 x 1-1/4 bolts, nuts, washers, and lock washers.
5. Install the beater drive transmission (see figure 3). Mount this transmission on the opposite side of the spreader (MAKE SURE THE TWO TRANSMISSIONS ARE PARALLEL WITH EACH OTHER ACROSS REAR OF SPREADER).
6. Install both 5/8 x 81 inch V-belts onto pulleys (see figures 2, 3). Insure bottom of belt is on top of the clutching idler pulley.
7. Slide the wheels onto the hub bolts with the valve stem facing outward. Install lug nuts and tighten securely.

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8. Install tongue on front of unit by aligning rear holes on tongue unit with the front holes in main frame. Insert 3/8 x 1-1/4 inch bolts, nuts, washers, and lock washers through all four holes and tighten.
9. Assemble the front panel by first attaching the left and right triangular steel panels, as shown in figure 5. Make sure the angled side of the panels are facing towards the rear of the spreader. Align all four holes and insert, but do not tighten, 3/8 x 1-1/4 inch bolts, nuts, washers, and lock washers. The large front steel panel mounts to the inside of the lips. Align all six holes making sure the top and bottom curled lips on the front panel are facing forward. Align keyhole knot holders in top holes on both sides. Insert 3/8 x 1 inch bolts, nuts, washers, and lock washers, then tighten. Tighten the four bolts on the side triangular panels.
10. Mount beater bar assemblies using flanged wood bearings (figure 6). The top beater is the one with the spreader tines parallel on top and bottom of the bar. The bottom beater has the alternate spreader tines. To install, slide the square end of the beater bar assembly over the square drive stub projecting from the beater drive transmission. Slide flanged wood bearings over opposite end of beater bar. Align holes on bearing flange with holes on drag chain transmission. Insert 5/16 x 1 inch hex bolts, nuts, and lock washers, then tighten.
11. Insert rear stabilizer bar into square tube on each transmission. Slight hammer tapping might be necessary using a wood block between hammer and bar. Insure the bar is not cocked to preclude binding of beaters during operation.
12. Insert side boards into slots provided by front panels and slots in transmissions. Insert angle iron side stakes to provide outward support of the side boards (see figure 7).
13. Insert ropes through two side stake loops and keyhole knot holder. At the front, tie a knot into each rope so that the clutch pulley disengages when the knot is secured in front of the keyhole knot holder.
14. Install transmission shields (figure 7) using 3/8 x 1 inch hex bolts, lock washers, and flat washers on rear two holes. Use 3/8 x 1 bolt, nut, washer, and lock washer at lower front hole to secure bracket to shield, and use the front transmission mounting bolt to secure the other end of bracket.
15. Grease the two wheel bearings at the fittings located on the hubs. Grease the beater bars at the fittings located on the right side (figure 8). Grease drag chain drive shaft at the fitting located at bottom rear of the drag chain drive transmission.

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Item No. Description Part No. Qty/Unit
1. Main Chassis 1201 1
2. Drag Chain Adjuster 1202 2
3. 1/2" Hex Nut ----- 2
4. Idler Shaft 1203 1
5. Idler Sprocket 1204 2
6. Floor Board Hold Bracket 1205 1
7. Front Panel 1206 1
8. Tongue Assembly 1207 1
9. Left Side Panel 1208 1
10. Right Side Panel 1209 1
11. Side Board 1210 8
12. Floor Board 1211 7
13. Axle 1212 1
14. Drag Chain Drive Hub 1213 1
15. Beater Drive Hub 1214 1
16. 1 " ID Wheel Bearing 1215 4
17a. Left Wheel/Tire Assembly 1216a 1
17b. Right Wheel/Tire Assembly 1216b 1
18. 1" Flat Washer --- 2
19. 1/4 x 1-112" Cotter Pin --- 2
20. Transmission Shield 1217 2
21. Drag Chain Drive Shaft 1218 1
22. Drag Chain Drive Sprocket 1219 2
23. Wood Bearing 1220 2
24. Outer Drag Chain Drive Chain 1221 1
25. Inner Drag Chain Drive Chain 1222 1
26. Beater Drive Chain 1223 1
27. Clutch Spring 1224 2
28. Clutch Arm 1225 2
29. Idler Pulley 1226 5
30. Transmission Shield Bracket 1227 2
31. Drag Chain Transmission Housing 1228 1
32. Beater Transmission Housing 1229 1
33. 3/4" Set Collar 1230 3
34. Drag Chain Drive Stub 1231 1
35. 3/4" Sleeve Bearing 1232 5
36. Beater Drive Stub 1233 2
37. 10" Pulley/Sprocket Comb. Assy. 1234 1
38. 40T/12T Comb. Sprocket Assy 1235 1
39. 40T Drag Chain Drive Sprocket 1236 1
40. 3/4" ID Bronze Bushing 1237 6
41. 5/8 x 81 " V-Belt 1238 2
42. 6" Pulley Sprocket Comb. Assy. 1239 1
43. 12T Beater Drive Sprocket 1240 2
44. Top Beater 1241 1
45. Bottom Beater 1242 1
46. Beater Stabilizer Bar 1243 1
47. Drag Chain Assembly 1244 1

BOLTS: 3/8 x 1 Bolt, Nut, Lock Washer, and Flat Waster - 12 per unit Used on Front Panel and Transmission Shields

3/8 x 1-1/4 Bolt, Nut, Lock Washer, and Flat Washer - 16 per unit Used on Tongue, Side Panels, Axle, and Transmission

5/16 x 1 Hex Bolts, Nuts, and Lock Washers - 4 per unit Used on Wood Bearings

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Operating Instructions

The basic operation of the Model 1200 manure spreader is identical to full farm sized spreaders. The entire manure load is gradually fed toward the rear beater at a rate compatible with the rear beater's ability to disperse the manure. The rear beater's initial drive is a V-belt to allow slippage should excessive loads be encountered; thus preventing severe damage to more expensive parts.

The continuous motion of the drag chain is accomplished by the driver's side wheel transmitting force to a combination V-belt and chain driving transmission.

The double rear beater rotation is driven by the passenger side wheel transmitting force to a similar transmission. The drag chain and rear beaters have separate clutch ropes, both of which run from the transmissions to the keyhole catches.

Detailed Operating Procedures Are As Follows:
1. Insure that the drag chain tension is such that a small sag (3-4 inches) is apparent underneath the front of the load bed. Drag chain tension is adjusted by using the two idler sprocket positioning bolts located at the front of the load bed.
2. Disengage the drag chain and beater drives by pulling rope knot through keyhole and hooking in slot.
3. Load desired material to be spread. CAUTION: Avoid loading rocks, metal, or other items that could become dangerous flying objects during unloading. Also, string and wire should be avoided to prevent winding on the beater while unloading.

Small loads are recommended until familiarization with limitations and capabilities of the Model 1200 are satisfactory. NOTE: If sawdust bedding is used, it may be desirable to utilize an end gate. Slots located in front of the stabilizer bar are designed to accept a 3/4 inch x 24 inch x 39-3/4 inch plywood end gate. This will increase the load capacity, while decreasing the amount of spillage that may occur during transport.

4. Upon reaching the desired location of spreading, engage the two clutches by releasing the rope knot from the keyhole catch.
5. The spreader works most efficiently when being pulled at speeds of 3 to 5 miles per hour (fast walk). If the beater stops rotating during spreading operation, stop immediately and manually rotate the beater until free (this will prevent the manure from becoming further jammed into the beater). Also, when turning corners while spreading, it is better to make left hand turns so that beater speeds and spreading action are maintained.

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Country Manufacturing, Inc., will, at its option, replace or repair, without charge to the original purchaser any part or parts manufactured by it and found upon examination, to be DEFECTIVE IN MATERIAL AND/OR WORKMANSHIP if received for such examination within 90 days from date of original purchase.

Damage resulting from accident, abuse or neglect are conditions under which warranty cannot be claimed. Nor will warranty apply to damage resulting from failure to follow the Manufacturer's instruction for operation and maintenance nor from the improper selection of a particular application.

All transportation charges on, and damages and loss incurred in connection with the transportation of, parts submitted for replacement or repair under this WARRANTY shall be borne by the purchaser.

No other warranties, guarantees, or liabilities, either implied or expressed, will be the responsibility of Country Manufacturing, Inc.

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